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Brain Training
 The Melillo Method
Brain Balance Program

Why Us

The Melillo Method - Brain Balance Program is used to identify brain imbalances and treat many symptoms of mental health, attention and focus, behavioral issues, and learning disorders in
people of all ages.

This revolutionary approach is paired with diet and nutritional counseling and lifestyle modification to help promote brain and body balance, effectively correcting the underlying problems common to the entire spectrum of seemingly diverse childhood or adult neurological dysfunctions.


Easy and



Progress Tracking





Life-Changing Results 


Interactive and Intuitive

How It Works

The Melillo Method specifically targets the central nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system by stimulating specific areas of each side of the brain. Helping you to build and develop new neural-pathways.

Using a combination of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Reflex Integration.
Accompanied with Neuro-behavioral learning techniques.


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The method that has helped over 25,000 kids worldwide!!!

  With ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Sensory Processing, OCD, Autism, Tourettes, BiPolar and other Neuro-behavioral Disorders.

To live happier and healthier lives.

How It Works

Everybody Loves Brain Training!

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“Dr. Melillo has unraveled the mysteries of brain organization and translated what we know into simple, practical therapeutic regimens to allow all of our children to reach their unlimited potential. He has produced a message of hope for parents of children, with clear, consistent, and significant results.”

Prof. Gerry Leisman, MD, PhD.

The National Institute of Brain & Rehabilitation Science

 University of Haifa


Founded on the principles of Developmental Functional Neurology.

Functional Neurology uses the principles of Sherrington’s 1932 Nobel Prize–winning theory known as the

Central Integrated State.

A visionary new approach 

with over 20 years of clinical research and cutting-edge brain science.

Focusing on specific stages of brain development. Starting from pregnancy until 120. 

Try it for yourself!

In the first assessment we will be able to find out which areas of the brain are weaker than others and start to build them up. 

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